Review of Zonguru App Free How I Stopped Paying For It

Review of Zonguru App Free How I Stopped Paying For It

In my opinion, ZonGuru, one of the early (beta) movers in the affiliate marketing industry is a scam. I have tried several affiliate programs and Zong Guru is at the top of the pile.

Zong Guru promises a massive book, about every e-book on your topic, complete with an e-book signature and a product description. The Zong Guru e-book will contain the “Real, How to Master a niche and Produce a full-time income with little or no start-up capital.” It also offers “5 secrets to making money from nothing,” and a “Completely Reformed Money Making System.”

Now here is the kicker, it is completely and utterly untrustworthy. There are too many negative reviews on Zong Guru to leave out all of them.

The first review I found had three individual reviews from three different people who signed up for the e-mail subscribers. Here are the two bad reviews:

This was not long after Zong Guru launched their new product, and they can not even deliver what they promised to deliver: “The new Zong Guru membership option just made my life a lot easier. I have been struggling with lots of products and even tried the Internet Marketing Help books and tons of other products that did not work for me. I do not have to wonder anymore or look around. Thanks to the Zong Guru.”

The next reviewer complains that his “friend” of 10 years used to be an affiliate for Zong Guru and the guy ran a customer support ticket. This guy also points out that Zong Guru failed to deliver everything it promised to deliver.

Here is the third one who hated the Zonguru Logos. The guy complains that he was really excited when he heard that Zong Guru would be launching the Zong Guru Course. He thought they would get their product out as soon as possible and would surely get a lot of business.

The last guy says the Zong Guru didn’t deliver on anything. I find this hard to believe because even though I haven’t tried any of the Zong Guru courses I have seen many affiliate marketers that are still generating sales.

The major complaint is that they were promised by the Zong Guru that they would be getting a new product out. However, none of them has seen this yet. The guy says he is “outraged” because Zong Guru is a scam.

Here is a good point about Zonguru Amazon PPC. It is still in the very early stages, and the people behind Zonguru are taking their time and spending a lot of money developing it.

The reality is that they are doing this for one reason: They are hoping that when their product does come out they will be able to beat out this new competitor. And it will be a hard battle to beat this new competition because their product is so far ahead of its competition. They are not even in the same league when it comes to affiliate marketing.

If you are looking for a legitimate affiliate program, then Zonguru is probably not for you. I recommend at least researching Zonguru before buying any of its products.