How to Get Ungated Categories on Amazon

How to Get Ungated Categories on Amazon

I’d be to find an affiliate program that lets you publish content on Amazon. For example, if you write blogs and offer them for free on another site, then post on Amazon about it. They will include your links in their own pages in the Amazon Gated Categories and you get a percentage of the sale.

Another way would be to go through one of those lists of paid sites where you can place an order and allow the customer to sign up to be alerted as soon as their book is available on Amazon. This is an excellent way to get the Gated Category.

Articles on Amazon, in many ways, are more difficult than the Gated Category since they are normally part of a larger article or blog series. And you do not know until you try them if you will succeed or not. That is one reason to be wary of writing free articles like these.

But there are some anomalies that are easier to work with. There are two ways to get an Amazon Exclusive, and I would say that the best way is to write your own articles. Article writing is a great business venture, especially for starting writers.

Try article writing from your own affiliate site or your own home. That way you can give your readers plenty of value and add some publicity to your affiliate link.

If you are thinking about writing Amazon-exclusive books, you can also try to write a single eBook on the topic of your niche and submit it to Amazon for an Exclusive. When Amazon sees that, it will put your name on the page to let you know about it. You can also write a series of books that are exclusively based on the topic of your original book.

Do you have a list of Amazon non-exclusive ebooks that you’d like to read? You can tell Amazon that you are interested in purchasing non-exclusive rights to their ebook products. Just make sure that you give them plenty of information about your ebook before they purchase it so that they know what you are offering them.

Now, how to get ungated categories can be the easiest to use if you already have some of the Amazon features. Maybe you have found the right place for your affiliate links and will use the Amazon Restricted Categories for them. Then you can simply add the words “Restricted” Restricted” to the end of your keywords.

But using Amazon’s software to get the Gated Category is the most current and reliable way to get things done. The current version of Amazon Seller Central can help you get ungated categories.