AmazeOwl Chrome Extension Review

AmazeOwl Chrome Extension Review

The first thing you will notice when you visit is the AmazeOwl Product Search, and the second thing is the AmazeOwl Price Checker. The AmazeOwl checker allows you to automatically change the price of a product on Amazon. This is how Amazon rolls out promotions.

I like the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension because it is a reliable extension and I like the settings that it offers. For instance, the extension will notify me when a product is sold out and I can order it online. With a little work and time, you can use the extension to set the right promotional message for a product, download the most recent sales report for any product, and other features that I like. It has been recommended to me by a number of my friends and they have all also given it good reviews.

When I first downloaded the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension, I realized that it is not user-friendly. I feel this was an oversight on Amazon’s part since there are so many other useful add-ons and tools that are user-friendly. The settings are easy to understand but the plugin is not customizable.

After taking some time to get familiar with the settings, I found the AmazeOwl Price Checker to be easy to use. Since I was already comfortable with the extension, I was able to use it without the help of a human being. The extension is also available in two versions.

I’m sure that the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension would have been much more effective if it offered a more refined setting. If there were only one set available for the price-checking feature, I think the price-checking would have been even more convenient.

The features that the AmazeOwl PriceChecker has been definitely good. You can manually determine which products are sold out on Amazon and you can view the sales reports for any product.

Unfortunately, the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension does not have a scheduling function. Since the functionality of the product checking and the purchase reminder functionality were put together by the AmazeOwl product marketing team, I doubt that they could come up with a nice feature like a schedule function.

If you do not mind the additional work you will need to do to use the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension, then the settings will allow you to import the information from a CSV file. You can then enter your own promotions and schedules into the program.

The application that comes with the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension is the basic version that will allow you to set product checks and promotions. I find that it is not too complicated to operate, but I still prefer a more complex program.

Another thing that I dislike about the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension is that it does not give you a chance to select your favorite Amazon products. You can only display the products that are currently displayed by the extension.

It is important to note that the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension is available for free, but it is limited to only price checking and promotions. To see the full set of Amazon products, you will need to buy the product marketing tools, which is a separate software program.

Overall, the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension is just another tool in the Amazon marketing toolbox. You can learn how to use this extension and you can even create your own software products and promotions.